Wednesday, September 26, 2012

First Post.

First Post!  So, right. First post. Have already googled how to name a blog.  Subject matter + food group, reference to where you live, add an -ista to a major brand/idea/subject matter, pose a question... none of which I followed because even with guidelines, I am lacking in the creativity department. 

Disney Wine and Dine Relay 2011

So here it goes, sans googling. I am a new runner and a new Floridian.  My wonderful and exceptionally understanding husband and I entered the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon relay in September of 2011 and I have been hooked on running ever since.  Now, I soon came to realize that not every running event had a massive expo with all sorts of things to buy and that not every running event has fireworks at the start and entertainment at every mile.   But even knowing that, its been a great year with great events so far.  With inspiration from runners I found through a Disney running site, (ROTErs), I decided to start this blog in order to provide local race recaps, post race results and hopefully hear from local and not-so-local runners in the process. 

How was that? Blogish? I hope so.  Here's to a great year of running.

~ Meg